Using media for e-portfolios and Personal Learning Environments

TACCLE partner Graham Attwell has been publishing some very interesting articles on his blog on ‘rethinking e-Portfolio and Personal Learning Environments’.

“One of the problems in Technology Enhanced Education” Graham writes “is that new media are very different from traditional paper and book based media. And as Friesen and Hug (2009) argue that “the practices and institutions of education need to be understood in a frame of reference that is mediatic: “as a part of a media-ecological configuration of technologies specific to a particular age or era.” This configuration, they say, is one in which print has been dominant. They quote McLuhan who has described the role of the school specifically as the “custodian of print culture” (1962) It provides, he says, a socially sanctioned “civil defense against media fallout” – against threatening changes in the mediatic environs.”

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