TeNeGEN project

Connecting TEachers to reach out to and teach the NEt GENeration or TeNeGEN is a Leonardo Transfer of Innovation project. It builds on the results of two earlier successful projects: SLOOP and NETIS. The SLOOP project (Sharing Learning Objects in an Open Perspective) demonstrated key concepts in e-learning 2.0; NETIS provided the philosophical, sociological, and pedagogical basis to support new paradigms of teaching and learning in the Information Society. The aim of the Tenegen project is to establish an European environment of ’connectivism’ for VET teachers and trainers, to show the significant advantages of being connected to the n-Gen instead of simply ’delivering’ knowledge through virtual classrooms and Learning Management Systems.


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Invitation: participate in a Tenegen course

In June the Tenegen consortium will run its third on-line course, open to all European teachers who want to get familiar with integrating networked learning methods and Web 2.0 tools into their pedagogical practice. The course is intended to help teachers to understand and apply basic concepts of technology-based teaching/learning, and covers e-learning state-of-the-art and e-learning trends. After finishing the course, the participants should be able:

  • to describe the main features of on-line Learning Management Systems,
  • to navigate, collaborate and engage in discussions within e-learning environments,
  • to analyze the needs of their students – the Net Generation – and synthesize the new knowledge to assist with the evaluation of present pedagogical methods,
  • to identify, categorize and evaluate various Web 2.0 tools,
  • to discover the pedagogical potential of Web 2.0 for intensive on-line collaboration,
  • to create concept maps, blogs, social networks & bookmarks, story telling apps, etc.

To join, register at: http://tenegen.eu/course
Enter the module: E-learning concept
or contact the coordiantor: tenegen@prompt.hu if you have any further question!