TACCLE survey

As a first step in developing the TACCLE materials, we have done a survey to get to know Teachers needs. As part of the modelling process of the project, this survey combined with interviews of a selected users groups will be used to bring facts to light about the training system to be implemented. This is coupled with the review of other information sources (e.g. related documents, systems in operation, developers of other trainings) and research into already available resources on learning environments aimed at compulsorily education. From the results of the survey it is quite clear that using ICT is limited to the use of Word and PowerPoint for a considerable amount of teachers. Apparently there is a need for training teacher how to integrate ICT in their lessons. The didactic use of electronic learning environments is only part of this. We should keep this in mind when we develop our materials: they should also be useful for teachers who want to integrate ICT in their lessons outside open learning environments. The use of e‐portfolio’s is still very limited and only a small amount of teachers would like to learn more about them.

The use of web 2.0 is for teachers still the big unknown. Even the use of a Wiki is still quite limited. We should also take into consideration that we should explain the potential use of web 2.0 applications for education. Even more so as its seems that in some cases Learning Environments are evolving from closed application with an educational institution towards more open personal learning environments.

Download the survey report