TACCLE test training in Urbino

One of the outcomes of the TACCLE project will be an in-service training course which we will offer at least once a year via the Comenius training database, to interested teachers from all over Europe. The first two courses will probaly be organised in March and April 2010 in both Wlaes and Italy.

From 20 – 22 april 2009 we organised a succesfull test course as an outcome of one of the workpackages of our project. The feed-back from the participants makes it possible for us to adjust and fine-tune the programme of the in-service training we plan to offer. The test was only 3 days while a full course will be 5 days of training. Continue reading TACCLE test training in Urbino

Results of the TACCLE survey

As a first step in developing the TACCLE materials, we have done a survey to get to know Teachers needs. As part of the modelling process of the project, this survey combined with interviews of a selected users groups will be used to bring facts to light about the training system to be implemented. This is coupled with the review of other information sources (e.g. related documents, systems in operation, developers of other trainings) and research into already available resources on learning environments aimed at compulsorily education. Continue reading Results of the TACCLE survey

Pontydysgu – Bridge to Learning

The new generation of eLearning will combine social networks with context-based services. Even though formal content will not vanish, modern technology will support user-generated informal content. And teachers have to adapt to a new role as facilitator instead of a pure information transmitter. CHECK.point eLearning spoke with Graham Attwell, founder and senior researcher of Pontydysgu, and partner in TACCLE about this current progression.

Read the article on check.point-eLearning

European e-Skills 2008 Conference

“Implementing a long term e-skills strategy in Europe”

The conference is organised by the European Commission and the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) in partnership with the e-Skills Industry Leadership Board. It will bring together experts from government, ICT industry, social partners, academia and other stakeholders to discuss best practices, flagship projects and report on progress. Participation at the conference is free of charge but on invitation only. Continue reading European e-Skills 2008 Conference

E-learning surveys – Lies, damn lies and statistics

As part of our outcomes we have published the report of the TACCLE survey in each of the countries participating in this project. I would like to draw your attention to the results of a similar survey conducted in UK also using surveymonkey. More details are available on : http://www.checkpoint-elearning.com/article/5453.html and on http://www.kineo.com/e-learning-trends/e-learning-survey–3.html Some of the results: the need for support on authoring tools and the growing importance of web 2.0 for learning.