TACCLE test training in Urbino

One of the outcomes of the TACCLE project will be an in-service training course which we will offer at least once a year via the Comenius training database, to interested teachers from all over Europe. The first two courses will probaly be organised in March and April 2010 in both Wlaes and Italy.

From 20 – 22 april 2009 we organised a succesfull test course as an outcome of one of the workpackages of our project. The feed-back from the participants makes it possible for us to adjust and fine-tune the programme of the in-service training we plan to offer. The test was only 3 days while a full course will be 5 days of training.

Our Italian partner Training2000 was in charge of this test course.

The training was organised in the technical school ITIS Mattei of Urbino (http://www.emattei-urbino.it). Participants learned about theoretical and didactical aspects of e-learning but they also got hands-on training on eXe and podcasting. The elearning materials they developed were uploaded in an LMS (Moodle).

Some examples of podcasts: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_type=&search_query=taccle09