The TACCLE book is ready

The TACCLE book is one of the major outcomes of this project. It is now ready and fully edited in English. Download it by clicking this link.

A printed and lay-outed version of the book is also available in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. If you want to receive a complementary copy please register on:
This book is written for classroom teachers who want to know more about e-learning and who would like to experiment with designing e-learning material to use in their own classrooms. It is primarily targeted at secondary teachers but there is no reason why primary school teachers and adult education teachers should not find it useful too.

The other group we had in mind were those of you still undertaking initial teacher training. Although there are some exemplary courses, a depressing number of trainee teachers continue to arrive in the classroom having barely heard the words ‘e-learning’, still less have hands on experience of it.
In July or August the content of the book will also be made available on our wiki for registered users. In this way we hope we will be able to get the book updated with your help.

916 TACCLE books have been sent all over the world free of charge between November 2009 and March 2010. Because of high postage and handling costs, as of April 1st we are obliged to ask for payment. For EU and EFTA countries, as well as for the westen Balkan countries and Turkey we charge 10 Euro for a book. For the rest of the world we charge 15 euro. (GO! schools can still obtain a free copy)

Payment can be done in the GO! account with DEXIA Bank NV:
IBAN: BE60091012129170 BIC: GKCC BE BB
Giving DG100T, the language of the book as well as your name as a reference
Please leave details of your order here as well.